Remember the Stokes State Forest class trip?

(More photos from Ralph Weinstein - see below.)

Here are two photos, with thanks to Gale Lubiner Schofield -

My husband and I developed old film that we found. I could not believe how long we have kept the roll of film! The two pictures are of Mr. Mulvihill our science teacher in Gaudineer. I believe this was taken on a class trip to Buttermilk Falls-Stokes State Forest? I am not sure it is from our class . I have an older brother and sister .Enjoy the memories.
Gale Lubiner Schofield

Here are some more photos, thanks to Ralph Weinstein -


Classmate identification thanks to Shelley Cooper Neill :

To the right of Joanie Becker ) first photo is Gary Mayer;  in the next photo (seated) is Cynthia Jeffries and I also see Marcia Bass and the third photo - large group shot I see Marcia again and Diane Greenstein, Ruth Zipkin.